Ignify Educomp Immigration


UK Qualifications are recognized by employers all over the world. The courses encourage independence, creativity and self-reliance: qualities that employers from around the world look for in potential hires. When making decisions about your future, you may wish to consider the kind of salaries earned by certain professions, the distribution of jobs and vacancies across the UK and other statistics about the current state of the graduate market. UK institutions follow one of the best quality standards in the world. The British government rates Universities, Colleges, and Schools periodically and ranks them between one and five. Come study in top universities in UK through Edwise International - your university education consultant based in India.

  • Get the best of both worlds - worldwide recognition outstanding value for money.
  • UK qualifications are respected and valued by employers worldwide.
  • Multicultural Community - Students from over 300 countries enrolled in UK Universities.
  • UK is home to some of the most prestigious and oldest universities in the world.
  • Excellent facilities benefits for International students, like free health care, student discounts.
  • Students are allowed to work Part-time up to 20 hrs/week during term time and 40 hrs/week during semester breaks.
  • Excellent career prospects  Job opportunities via graduate positions Stay back options via Tier 2 work visa Tier 5 Internship visa.
  • Gateway to Europe - Various exciting travel opportunities